I am interested in the role as intermediary of humans in the interaction between culture and nature. It is amazing to think us as the link that binds two such dissimilar phenomena. Nature, on one hand, with its slow but sure evolutionary time. And culture, on the other hand, with its frenetic time of increasingly rapid changes upon reality.

I usually work with three types of elements: 
-Animals that represent the natural stability of the bodies.
-Futuristic technology that symbolize the speed of human action in their own circumstances.
-And humans, who always seem to be in motion and broken by the different times that they go through.

The pieces are not intended to be optimistic or pessimistic about the future. They intend to show the complexity of the times that lie ahead. They try to warn us about human creativity, because it is gaining such speed that it may provoke the risk of getting out of control and exceed (even if it is our own creation) the capacities of human reflection.


A bird can reincarnate into a planet. A planet can be seen just minutes before our death, and our death might be the last singing of a bird.

Death is not the end of nature. It is a drop into the fire, it is a sparkle into the ocean.

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We are broken, but there are no missing pieces: nature is in our chest, culture in our hands.

Machines are raining. And the thought of death is enough to elevate us.

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We are an error being written. We are what we are and what we might be: always standing in two pairs of shoes.

We kill crows in pursuit of hummingbirds. We kill flowers to show love. Even if our own blood is made of roses.

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Without wings, humans invented the concept of freedom. They say “time” and their clocks are all broken. They kill nature to build future, but with the price of their heart. They are something else: even small, they stand tall. Even broken, they look proud.

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Burn the water. Fly a fish. Impossible is reachable only with your eyes closed.

Focus. Surrender. Be the bubble. We can't change nature, but the product of our imagination maybe can.

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Taming a horse or making a microchip are the exact same thing: our attempt to tame chaos.

Our feet are in buckets, our life vests are prepared: order is just an illusion we make to bear the fact that we are fire in the middle of a fire.

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Leave your memory behind. Cover your eyes and focus in your imagination. There isn't a no when you burn half the daisies.

In the dark, the unknown is our contender, is our fuel, is what attracts us. The unknown is just nature untouched by culture: It is a fish swimming towards a fire.

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Leave the shore.
Take your weight off the ground.
Burn the bridges.
Embrace yourself before the ride.

Freedom is a water mirror,
a third eye,
a migrating swallow,
a future horse,
a broken vessel.

Freedom is acting... like the body commands.

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