I am interested in the role as intermediary of humans in the interaction between culture and nature. It is amazing to think us as the link that binds two such dissimilar phenomena. Nature, on one hand, with its slow but sure evolutionary time. And culture, on the other hand, with its frenetic time of increasingly rapid changes upon reality.

I usually work with three types of elements: 
-Animals that represent the natural stability of the bodies.
-Futuristic technology that symbolize the speed of human action in their own circumstances.
-And humans, who always seem to be in motion and broken by the different times that they go through.

The pieces are not intended to be optimistic or pessimistic about the future. They intend to show the complexity of the times that lie ahead. They try to warn us about human creativity, because it is gaining such speed that it may provoke the risk of getting out of control and exceed (even if it is our own creation) the capacities of human reflection.


You see the flower, we see the thorn. You see the tears, we see the work. One clock is for the day, another more for some respect. You see the picture, we see the sky. You see the kitchen, we see the knife. Two clocks are not enough, if your time is valued half. We are the flower, we are the thorn. We are the tears, we are the work. We are the silence, and the noise just bursting in the dark. We are the picture, we are the sky. We are the kitchen, we are the knife. We are the silence, and the noise just bursting in the dark.

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Nature is quiet. Because we cannot see its expansion. The same crocodile walks the Earth every single day. Culture is war. Because we see the conquest in ourselves. Even an ancient knife can open a portal to the future. Human is quiet: they ride. Human is war: they fight. Humans break humans because humans broke them before.



We sacrifice present for future. We kneel before death. We offer sacrifices to the gods: we offer nature to technology. We know it's not enough, but it's the bigger cruelty we are capable of.

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How to mix cultures in one nature? How to link the many with the unique? Humans fall in this attempt. Graceful like a swan, but just fall. Cultures fight, but for winners and losers, the fate is one and always the same.

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We are not a skin, we are an armor. And even if we were forced to hide, our eyes never hid.
We are the present, fed by the roots of our past.
We are those that used to be afraid.
Latin America.
Women as well.
We are a crop growing brighter. Braver.
We are a crop growing stronger.

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Culture might be the past in present shapes.
Culture might be an ancient way to say today.
Rocks destroy as they construct.
Eagles hunt as they nest.
Identity can be reflected in otherness.
Culture is in fact, a brave girl.
A cell phone displaying a rock.
The inner movement of what appears to be still.

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We walk over skulls, over violence and even gifts to the gods.
Is it a rock enough to silence a voice?...
Is it an army?...
Maybe it is.
But eyes never forget.
And a voice might remember when it is its turn to speak.

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I come from a place where the past is always shining. Where the future was taken or just forgotten.

Take a look: No violence or suffering is enough to break us.

Hear it out: We've seen flesh, and we've turned it into meat.

Just a warning: Preys together make predators.
I come from a place where the present is our pride of surviving.

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Rocks and horses built your present, ride them bravely to the future.

Strides and Drums.

Show the world how your culture is a mirror where anybody can find the self.

Crops ahead.

No more hiding from the spotlight.
Show your scars.
Everybody knows, they're not easy to get.

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