We sat in the same chair dad did
And tried to keep it warm the same way he did
For the kids we’d never have
Because the winters seemed colder
Than they once did
And the sun seemed to favor other towns
Instead of ours
And dad said the chair was the only thing he’d ever loved
When he died
But sometimes we found light elsewhere
In screaming flesh
Or wood and string Or the hook beckoning something to feed
Or the destruction of will to leave
Or dissolving self into inanimate objects
Because the threads of the chair
Needed our weight
And our audience craved our failure
Because both provisions were tradition
Because someday we’d tell someone
That we loved the chair too
Even though we didn’t

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It doesn't matter how high a bird can fly, because it always needs to return to the ground. It doesn't matter how far in the future we try to look, because our mindsets are set in stone. We are proud producers of a future where we might be irrelevant. We are heroes: we are braves as we are fools.

Panter Xhita - The Perfesser Collab.

Available here: http://bit.ly/weareheroesart


The new world is not always outside. Sometimes it is here, in depth. We just have to dive and reach it. Shoot our hands and give surface to the hidden The future is where we look, where we feel, where we go.

Panter Xhita - Bárbara Tosti Collab.

Available here: http://bit.ly/Indepthandahead


More than elements, colours and styles,
what is a collab but a blend of minds?
Maybe two hands,
shortening a distance on every stroke.
Maybe one talk,
laugh and jokes, mutual admiration, an idea born.
What is a collab but a blend of minds?
Maybe a trade,
giving your art to receive a friend.

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United in difference, and always in favor of women.

Panter Xhita - Ann Ahoy - Jung Dunja Collab.

Secondary market: http://bit.ly/unityarts
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